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Zakres użycia:
Testing of all elements in the T/T2 broadcast chain, including DVB-T2 MI
Off-air reception and coverage verification (includes antenna factors and GPS control)

Cena 12.500 PLN

Zalety i możliwości

  • Simple evaluation of broadcasting equipment
  • Hardware and Software from one supplier
  • Compact, USB-powered device • XTASI-ASI sister-modules available characteristics
  • MER > 42 dB (L1 and PLP readings)
  • Level accuracy 1.5 dB (-80..-40 dBm)
  • DVB-T/T2 receiver with Constellation, Spectrum and Impulse Response analysis
  • Transport Stream analysis
  • Picture decoding of all services
  • Supporting 64bit Windows®
  • Multiple devices on a single computer
  • parameter-set per DVB-T/T2 channel
  • Level (field-strength with k-factor)
  • Constellation display MER, EVM
  • LDPC, pre and post BCH-FEC errors (T2)
  • L1 pre, and post signaling (T2)
  • Data PLP, and active PLP signaling (T2)
  • Transmitter Parameter Signaling (T)
  • Demodulated MPEG transport stream analysis

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